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Congrès Médecine esthétique : AMEC & VISAGE 2017
Dear Friends, Dear Colleagues, We are glad to inform you that in 2017 we are bringing together two of our successful events: VISAGE and AMEC. The very notable success of the VISAGE course and the ...
Congrès Rhumatologie : WCO-IOF-ESCEO Krakow 2018 - World Congress on Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis and Musculoskeletal Diseases
The world's leading clinical conference on bone, joint and muscle health will take place in Krakow, Poland. WCO, IOF and ESCEO have worked in partnership for several years to develop a unique E...
Congrès Médecine interne : Congrés Fédération Française de Médecine Polyvalente F.F.M.P
2eme Congrés de la Fédération Française de Médecine Polyvalente ouvert aux médecins, infirmiers, interne, cadre de santé......
Congrès Gynécologie - Obstétrique : 31èmes Journées INFOGYN
Le rendez-vous d’octobre : 1500 professionnels de la santé sont attendus Les journées INFOGYN rassemblent chaque année toutes les spécialités liées &ag...
Secteurs concernés: Gynécologie - Obstétrique -SIDA / VIH -
Congrès Oncologie : ESGO 2017 Congress in Vienna
Held biennially, ESGO congress offers professionals in Gynaecological Oncology - including clinicians, researchers, residents and students  a unique opportunity to learn and discuss the latest me...
Secteurs concernés: Oncologie -
Congrès Cardiologie : Journées Nationales du Gers
Secteurs concernés: Cardiologie -Médecine du sport -
Congrès Cardiologie : CFCI Congres Francophone de Cardiologie Interventionnelle
✔ 40 ANS DE CARDIOLOGIE INTERVENTIONNELLE ✔ 20 ANS DE CONGRÈS FRANCOPHONE Nous fêterons cette année le 40è anniversaire de la 1ère angioplastie coro...
Secteurs concernés: Cardiologie -
Congrès Radiologie / Imagerie : EUS ENDO 2017
It’s my pleasure to host you 28-29 September 2017 in Marseille for the first EUS-ENDO meeting. EUS-ENDO will offer you one day of live transmission from Paoli-Calmettes Institute to the Villa M&...
Secteurs concernés: Radiologie / Imagerie -_Autres -
Tags: Endoscopy
Conférence / Séminaire Oncologie : MAP
Building on two successful years in Paris (2015) and London (2016) we are happy to announce that registration is now open for the Molecular Analysis for Personalised therapy (MAP) conference. On Oc...
Secteurs concernés: Cancerologie -Oncologie -
Congrès Cardiologie : Les Journées de Rythmologie du Groupe de Rythmologie et Stimulation Cardiaque de la Société Française de Cardiologie
Secteurs concernés: Cardiologie -
Located within the compounds of Strasbourg’s University Hospital, the IRCAD minimally invasive surgery training center has acquired an international reputation over the past 20 years. Each year,...
Secteurs concernés: Chirurgie -Coelioscopie -Laparosopie -
Congrès Gynécologie - Obstétrique : 20e Congrès GENESIS
Le Congrès GENESIS aborde, depuis 20 ans, les nouveautés et les sujets controversés en termes de gynécologie. 20 ans de sessions avec les meilleurs experts en gynéc...
Congrès Gynécologie - Obstétrique : La Société de Chirurgie Gynécologique et Pelvienne – SCGP
La Société de Chirurgie Gynécologique et Pelvienne (SCGP), née en 2005 de la fusion de la Société Française d’Endoscopie Gynécologique (SF...
Secteurs concernés: Gynécologie - Obstétrique -
Congrès Ophtalmologie : Ophthalmic Imaging: from Theory to Current Practice / Imagerie en Ophtalmologie : de la Théorie à la Pratique
Fibers and Optic Nerve’s OCT Macular OCT OCT Angiography Intra Vitreal Injection Lasers Radiology Corneal Topography Biometry Visual Fields Anterior Segment and Corneal Imaging Ultraso...
Secteurs concernés: Ophtalmologie -
Congrès Cardiologie : Séminaire de Cardiologie interventionnelle
Secteurs concernés: Cardiologie -
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Conférence / Séminaire Chirurgie plastique : 2nd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PLASTIC AND AESTHETIC SURGERY 2017
2nd International Conference on Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery 2017 is among the World's leading Scientific Conference. The two day event on Plastic-aesthetic 2017 will be held in Vancouver, Canada...
Congrès _Salons : NGS Tech and Applications Congress: USA
Join us in examining the latest next-generation sequencing technologies, analysis methods and applications across topics at the frontier of genomics, including nanopore sequencing, personalized medici...
Congrès _Autres : 13th International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology
Conference Series LLC is a renowned organization that organizes highly notable  international conferences throughout the globe. Currently we are bringing forth “13th International Conferenc...
Conférence / Séminaire _Autres : 17th International Conference on Healthcare & Life-Science Research (ICHLSR)
Conference Name: 17th International Conference on Healthcare & Life-Science Research (ICHLSR), 22-23 July 2017, Bangkok, Thailand Conference Dates: 22-23 July 2017 Conference Venue: Asian In...
Conférence / Séminaire Gynécologie - Obstétrique : 17th International Conference on Nursing & Midwifery (ICNM)
Conference Name: 17th International Conference on Nursing & Midwifery (ICNM), 22-23 July 2017, Bangkok, Thailand Conference Dates: 22-23 July 2017 Conference Venue: Asian Institute of Techno...
Congrès Chirurgie plastique : IMCAS Asia 2017
Join us on the stunning island of Bali from 21st to 23rd July for an exciting edition of IMCAS Asia. Thousands of dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other aesthetic practitioners will be flying i...
Congrès Biotechnologie : IUMS 2017 Singapore
IUMS Congress 2017 is organised by Singapore Society for Microbiology and Biotechnology (SSMB). Over the span of 5 days, it brings together three congresses:  International Congress of Bacteriolo...
Congrès Cancerologie : 19th Euro Congress on Cancer Science & Therapy
Conference Series LLC extends its heartfelt welcome to “19th Euro Cancer Science and Therapy Congress” that will be held in Lisbon, Portugal during July 17-19,  2017.The conference wi...
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