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How to build a complete Safety, Health & Environment Management System through Standards & Practices - San Diego, CA

Du Jeudi 28 Janvier 2016 au Vendredi 29 Janvier 2016 à San Diego
Secteurs concernés: Droit et santé -
A management system, by definition, is a process by which a function or functions are carried out in an organization by a series of hierarchal documents that are prescriptive, and set a particular path on which the organization manages its day-to-day operations.
A management system can be for one function, but more often than not, it incorporates many functions. Functions like accounting, engineering, banking, etc. have their own management systems, and the Safety, Health and Environmental, as well as Training and Security should have their own management system. This brings efficiency, consistency, cost effectiveness and timeliness to the entire process. In order to work effectively, Corporate sets and creates (with business asset) input, the various standards around the functions.
The SH&E, plus training and security are the functions we will build the standards and practices around. There are 16 functions that cover the SHE & TS world. We build a standard and practice around all 16 functions. Supporting documents, associated programs, procedures or standard operating procedures (SOP) will be a part of the particular function being managed. The 16 functions that will have a standard and practice specific to the function are:
• Hazard identification & control
• Occupational health & industrial hygiene
• Incident management
• Emergency preparedness
• Environmental
• Regulatory compliance
• Reporting performance
• Managing risk
• Managing safety
• Management security
• Verification & audits
• Document & record management
• Contractor & service provider management
• Competency management (training)
• Commitment, communication and implementation
• Managing change
Why should you attend? 
Every organization in today's business atmosphere, in order to be competitive and in compliance must have a comprehensive management system in place and operating smoothly. For those companies who do not understand this, the going is much harder and very much more expensive.
The standards and practices that are put in place act as the cornerstone for decisions being made relative to resources and dollars spent within the SH&E scope of business.
This process accomplishes the following:
• Identifies the things that need to be managed within the function
• Construct a process, tool, or mechanism that best manages each of those things identified
• They are usually a set of standards, practices and programs that are built specifically for a particular function
• Build the standard, practice or program so that it can be adjusted according to results
• Build a measuring metric, benchmark or scorecard with both lagging and leading indicators
• Build the management system in a way that is hierarchal in structure within the organization - (corporate sets and standards and the business unit builds the practice around the standard)
Areas Covered in the Session:
• How to build a SH&E management system
• How to evaluate its effectiveness
• The tools you need in order to build a SH&E MS
• How to implement the system with total management support
• How to develop successful implementation plans, both with management and the workforce
• How to tell the difference between a standard and a practice
• How to understand how to design SH&E documents correctly
• How to assess the risk of not having a MS process in place
• How to roll the process out
• How to communicate the process to those who can support the effort
Who Will Benefit:
• EHS managers
• Directors
• VP
• Regulatory Managers
• Compliance Managers
• Production Managers
• Legal Managers
• Quality Auditors
• Operational Leaders (Managers, Directors, VP)
• Legal Counsel
• Operations Directors
Day 1 Schedule
Lecture 1:
• Process overview, Main elements of the SH&E MS, Process, infrastructure & system
• Internal sources and External sources
• What the regulatory agencies are looking for in a SH&E MS
Lecture 2:
• System deficiencies
• People, process & tools
Lecture 3:
• The law perspective & risk analysis
• Managing the risks through a systems approach
Lecture 4:
• Non-conformance with expectations
• Trending for results
• Plan-Do-Check-Act
Day 2 Schedule:
Lecture 1:
• Process mapping tools
• Creating the Standards & Practices (lots of examples)
Lecture 2:
• Continue creating standards & practices
Lecture 3:
• SH&E MS plan execution
•  Communicating the management system
Lecture 4:
• SH&E documentation expectations
• The MS review & approval process by management
• Auditing the MS
•  How to roll it out - by stages

James J. Thatcher
President and Owner, Global Safety Solutions LLC

Dr. James J. Thatcher the owner and President of Global Safety Solutions, LLC, headquartered in Divide, Colorado. Dr. Thatcher has 35 years of experience in the Oil and Gas, Metals/Minerals and Chemical industry, with management positions in engineering, operations, human resources, safety, health and environment, as well as training and security.
He has a MS in mechanical engineering, and a Ph.D. in psychology/organizational development. He has had many articles published in the Occupational Hazards Magazine, the VPP Leadership Magazine, IADC driller magazine, and through several organizations such as the National Safety Management Society and the World Safety Organization. He has presented at many seminars, summits, conferences, and association meetings for many years.
He is listed as an expert witness for operational as well as safety, health, environmental, training and security issues in the Oil and Gas industry and the mining, minerals and chemical industry. He is recognized in the Safety, Health, Environmental, Training and Security disciplines as an expert in these fields. He was the president of the National Safety Management Society for two terms, and is on their board of directors. He is closely associated with the World Safety Association, and is listed in the United Nations directory as an expert in the field of safety, health, training and security. He was the President of Technical Safety and Training Solutions, Incorporated, and consulted in the United States, Europe and South America.
Location: San Diego, CA Date: January 28th & 29th, 2016 Time: 9 AM to 6 PM


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How to build a complete Safety, Health & Environment Management System through Standards & Practices - San Diego, CA
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