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X International Exhibition LABComplEX. Analytics. Laboratory. Biotechnologies. HI-TECH

Du Mardi 17 Octobre 2017 au Jeudi 19 Octobre 2017 à Kyiv
From 17 to 19 October 2017 in the EC “KyivExpoPlaza” will be held X International Exhibition LABComplEX – the main event of laboratory industry in Ukraine within which is presented whole range of equipment, technologies for laboratories and specialized furniture, supplies as well as range of services for creation, equipping, modernization of all types and kinds of laboratories of various industries, scientific-research field and medicine.
Organizers of the Exhibitions: National Academy of Science of Ukraine, LMT Company.

The event will be held under support of the field oriented Committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, field oriented ministries and agencies, associations and business associations.

The purpose of the Exhibition – in the he context of rapid European integration processes is to promote:
• Field staff education and training;
• Exchange of international experience among colleagues;
• Building long-term business relationships between manufacturers, suppliers of laboratory equipment and technologies and professionals of laboratory researches;
• Introduction of innovative scientific and technological solutions into most industry sectors of Ukraine.

Thematic directions of the Exhibition:

• Analytical equipment
• Laboratory technologies • Biotechnologies
• Laboratory medicine

Among exhibitors are – domestic and international manufacturers, suppliers of equipment, materials and technology solutions for the laboratories of various profiles.
In 2016, the Exhibition was attended by: AGROHIMLABORANT LLC, ALSI Ltd., ALT Ukraine, Alpha Class LLC, Analytec Ltd., Biola, Vector-Best-Ukraine, DIAMED, DiaSys Diagnostic Systems, IKF Service Plus Ltd., LABVITA, Мiele, Macrolab Ltd., Medcoswiss, Mixlab, Roche Ukraine, Sente-Lab, SOC TRADE, STASENKO & Partners, Тespro, Ukrbio, Ukrorgsintez, HЕМА LLC, HIMLABORREACTIV, Shim Ukraine, ERBA Lachema and many others.
Among trade marks, presented on the LABComplEX-2016: Thermo Fisher Scientific, Shimadzu, Retsch, Nabertherm GmbH, NETZSCH Geratebau Gmbh, Beckman Coulter, Agilent Technologies, METTLERTOLEDO, BINDER GmbH, EPPENDORF, Precisa, Leica Microsystems, Leica Biosystems, Waters, Merk Millipore, Perkin Elmer, Kern, Carl Zeiss, Roche Diagnostics, Abbott Molecular, Bio-Rad, Sysmex and many others.

Visitors of the Exhibition – managers and specialists of enterprises of the various sectors of industry and scientific research institutes, quality test laboratories, production testing laboratories, clinical diagnostic laboratories and other types and kinds of laboratories, inspection agencies.
LABComplEX site provides exhibitors direct contact with the target audience. This is an effective marketing tool for the development of business, building of brand awareness, introduction of products to the market and extension of business contacts.

The Exhibition is a unique integrated project, which brings together the largest specialized exposition, having no analogues in Ukraine, and meaningful scientific-practical and business programs.
During the Exhibition LABComplEX will be held conferences, seminars, round tables with a focus on the fundamental and applied researches, as well as on the development of sector. Traditionally, the organizers of the event will be experts of the state scientific-research institutions, national and international field-oriented associations, and postgraduate education institutions, higher education institutions and training companies.
The scientific-practical programs of the Exhibition – is a complex of the actual scientific, applied and business events for the professionals in the field of laboratory researches by areas of activity:

• Food industry and agricultural sector
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Laboratory Medicine
• Veterinary
• Education and Science
• Standardization and Metrology
• Water and water preparation
• Chemical industry
and other.

Also within the LABComplEX Exhibition is annually held expert practical event - Ukrainian Laboratory School (current master classes on operating equipment with the possibility of testing, qualified expert advices, new research methods and techniques).

Entrance is free of charge, in case of pre-registration on the International Exhibition LABComplEX web-site:
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Public concerné: Professionnel
Audience: Internationnale
Visiteurs/Participants: 300
Conférenciers: n.r
Exposants: n.r
Type d'événement: Congrès
Secteur principal: IMMUNOLOGIE
Secteurs concernés: Biochimie -Biomedical -Biotechnologie -Epidémiologie -Equipement médical -Génétique -Hématologie -Hépatologie -Immunologie -Infectiologie -

Peremogy Ave., 67
03062 Kyiv

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X International Exhibition LABComplEX. Analytics. Laboratory. Biotechnologies. HI-TECH
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Congrès, formations ou conférences médicales en IMMUNOLOGIE
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X International Exhibition LABComplEX. Analytics. Laboratory. Biotechnologies. HI-TECH
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