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Lifestyle Medicine 2017 - Transforming health, Redefining healthcare

Du Dimanche 22 Octobre 2017 au Mercredi 25 Octobre 2017 à Tucson
Secteurs concernés: Endocrinologie -Médecine générale -

Transforming health, Redefining healthcare is the theme of the nation's lifestyle medicine CME accredited conference, focused on the science that supports the efficacy of the use of lifestyle as a therapeutic intervention for disease prevention, treatment and reversal. Focused on reining in the estimated 80% or more of all healthcare costs tied to the treatment of lifestyle-related chronic disease, this conference educates and equips physicians and allied health professionals with the information, tools and resources necessary to integrate lifestyle medicine into clinical practice.

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) hosts its annual conference, October 22-25, 2017, at the Westin La Paloma in Tucson, Arizona.
The CME accredited conference will feature prominent keynote speakers, an impressive line-up of presenters recognized as the foremost experts in the field, an exhibitor pavilion, and networking opportunities with like-minded medical professionals and industry leaders. 
Who Attends
Upwards of 750+ physicians, allied health professionals, medical residents, healthcare executives, and prominent researchers and leaders in the field of lifestyle medicine.  Other attendees include supporting organizations, press, political and civic leaders–all from across the US and around the world, represented by the sister organizations of the Lifestyle Medicine Global Alliance.
Lifestyle Medicine 2017 and ACLM’s Corporate Roundtable bring together all stakeholder groups that comprise healthcare: medical education, health systems, health insurers, benefits consultants, self-insured employers, purveyors of products and services that support the clinical  practice of lifestyle medicine, as well as the tip of the spear, our providers–the physicians and allied health professionals who are on the front lines.

Join the Movement
ACLM continues to galvanize like-minded leaders through its membership and annual conference, with educational content focused on evidence-based science.  Mark your calendar and make plans to attend Lifestyle Medicine 2017 on October 22-25 in Tucson, AZ.

As the nation’s medical professional association representing the field of lifestyle medicine, ACLM is helping to champion a movement that’s gaining momentum, led by those who recognize that a lifestyle medicine-first approach to healthcare is the path to achieving sustainable health and sustainable healthcare. With 80% or more of our nation’s healthcare spending tied to the treatment of conditions rooted in poor lifestyle choices, the time is now for Transforming Health and Redefining Healthcare based on the science that overwhelmingly supports the efficacy of lifestyle medicine.
Lifestyle Medicine 2017 will feature evidence-based content, tools and resources to aid physicians and allied health professionals in their ability to put lifestyle medicine into action.

A Health Care Crisis
The world is experiencing an epidemic of lifestyle-related chronic disease.  Data shows that lifestyle, even more so than genes, is the primary determinant of health or disease. Unfortunately, our existing healthcare system emphasizes pills and procedures – which have many side effects – as the solution, enabling the management of symptoms, as opposed to identifying and eradicating the cause of disease.  The time for change is now!

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) advocates for a better way, deeply rooted in science.  ACLM members represent a body of physicians, health care professionals and organizations that promote the use of lifestyle as a therapeutic intervention to prevent, treat, and, often, even reverse chronic, degenerative disease.  “Treating the cause” is ACLM’s mantra. Educating, equipping and empowering individuals with the information and resources they need to protect their health and fight disease will greatly reduce the financial burden on families, employers, on our nation and the world–all while adding years to lives and life to years.
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Visiteurs/Participants: 780
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Secteur principal: MEDECINE GENERALE
Secteurs concernés: Endocrinologie -Médecine générale -

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Lifestyle Medicine 2017 - Transforming health, Redefining healthcare
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