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ESH 4th International Conference on AML

Du Jeudi 05 Octobre 2017 au Samedi 07 Octobre 2017 à Estoril
A partir de: 08:00
Secteurs concernés: Hématologie -
4th International Conference on
ACUTE MYELOID LEUKEMIA: “Molecular and translational” –
Advances in the Biology and Treatment
October 5-7, 2017 – Estoril, Portugal
Chairs: B. Löwenberg, H. Döhner, M. Tallman

Molecular techniques are creating novel insights into the biology and therapeutic perspectives of AML. Molecular diagnosis allows us to distinguish distinct disease entities and to identify patients with different disease behavior and prognosis. Genomic and epigenetic studies have revealed entirely novel insights into the biology of AML, expanded the genomic landscape in unprecedented depth and discovered functional clues of dysregulation. Thus, these studies have profoundly enhanced our understanding of the pathobiology of the disease and identified major pathways of malignant transformation. These insights also furnish keys to the development of novel specifically acting therapeutic drugs and provide the opportunity to develop more sophisticated risk-adjusted therapeutic approaches.

This Conference on ACUTE MYELOID LEUKEMIA intends to promote informal interaction and ample discussion between scientists and clinicians working in the field. Scientific presentations by international leaders will provide the current status and a perspective of these exciting developments. In separate sessions results from both basic and clinical research will be presented. The target audience will comprise besides key opinion leader scientists, PhD students, basic scientists, physician-scientists, as well as clinicians with an interest in the field.

The program will include:
  • Plenary Sessions
  • Discussions and debates
  • Simultaneous Meet the Expert sessions
  • Poster sessions

This meeting will be valuable or you if you are looking for:
  • A cutting-edge scientific program – from basic science to clinical and therapeutic applications and perspectives
  • Multiple opportunities for scientific interaction with an international faculty of distinguished experts
  • An emphasis on critical discussion

Learning Objectives
  • Understand the pathobiology of leukaemia and its development with respect to alterations in hematopoietic stem cells, their microenvironment and altered signal transduction pathways
  • Acquire insight into the possible mechanisms of preleukaemic disorders and genomic instability that predispose to leukemogenesis and predispose also to disease progression.
  • Understand about the characterisation of a leukemia stem cell and its relationship to disease development and phenotype
  • Learn about the pathobiologic importance of epigenetic dysregulation in the development of acute myeloid leukemia (eg, methylation, microRNA) and its clinical impact
  • Evaluate the merits and relevance of molecular diagnostics and minimal residual disease assessment in relation to various management decisions
  • Gain insight into novel therapeutics of acute myeloid leukemia, including knowledge about their mechanisms of action, the current developmental status of various targeted drugs and their promises for future clinical application.
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Public concerné: Professionnel
Audience: Internationnale
Visiteurs/Participants: 350
Conférenciers: 38
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Type d'événement: Conférence / Séminaire
Secteur principal: HEMATOLOGIE
Secteurs concernés: Hématologie -

Centre Hayem, Hôpital St-Louis
75010 PARIS

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ESH 4th International Conference on AML
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