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TAHITI CRUISE: BORA BORA & THE SOCIETY ISLANDS - Treatment Considerations in Isolated Communities

7-Night All-Inclusive Luxury Cruise Exploring the Best of the South Pacific

Discover paradise in French Polynesia! Join PES for one wonderful week to explore the best of the South Pacific, with stops in lush Huahine, beautiful Bora Bora, and postcard-perfect Moorea. Once you’ve made these islands your home—even if just for a week—they’ll always be calling for you to return.

Cruise Itinerary Highlights
  • Visit Huahine, known as “The Garden Island” for its beautiful rainforests, dramatic terrain, and enchanting lagoon with colorful sea life
  • A day on the private islet Motu Mahana, with white-sand beaches, palm trees, a barbecue lunch, floating lagoon bar and drinks served in coconuts
  • Explore Bora Bora—choice of snorkeling, diving, four-wheel-drive safari, aqua bike excursion, glass bottom boat ride or relax on white-sand beaches
  • In Moorea, marvel at mountain peaks, lounge near blue lagoons, and sample fresh, local cuisine
  • This voyage features guest host, Peter Marks, VP of Wine Education, Constellation Brands and Robert Mondavi Winery.  Enjoy onboard seminars and exclusive tastings!

Seminar Overview
Healthcare professionals in North America are currently faced with the challenge of both treating and preventing the ever-increasing incidence of chronic diseases such as Obesity, Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease.

The same holds true for community healthcare practitioners in French Polynesia, with additional budgetary, resource and delivery challenges. They are experiencing similar epidemiological transitions where communicable diseases are decreasing while non-communicable diseases are increasing. Confronting the challenges of providing quality patient care in the face of limited budgets and resources that impact healthcare delivery and access, is fast becoming a global issue for healthcare practitioners.

Now, more than ever, it is important for healthcare professionals to collaborate with colleagues and global counterparts to gain cross-cultural perspectives and updates in the treatment and prevention of disease. By design, this program offers opportunities for medical professionals to compare and contrast current best practices to provide quality patient care and outcomes in their own professional setting.

In-Country Healthcare Topics Include:

  • Healthcare Delivery in Isolated Communities with Limited Resources: Impact on Medical & Dental Care
  • Medicine at Sea: Common Tropical Diseases, Marine Life Hazards & Travelers’ Illness
  • Emerging Healthcare Issues: Changing Demographics & Chronic Disease Patterns
  • Updates in Heart failure, Type 2 Diabetes, Psychopharmacology
  • Oral Health: Addressing Dental Diseases
  • Impact of Cultural Competency on Quality Patient Care
  • Mental Health and Well Being
  • NOTE: In addition to the above planned in-country topics, Distinguished PES Guest Speakers present current healthcare topics relating to their practice specialties in medicine, dentistry, nursing and allied health.
Accréditations : 12 CME/CE Credit Hours
Public concerné: Professionnel
Audience: Internationnale
Visiteurs/Participants: 50
Conférenciers: 3
Exposants: n.r
Type d'événement: Conférence / Séminaire
Secteur principal: MEDECINE GENERALE
Secteurs concernés: Gastro-entérologie -Infectiologie -Médecine d'urgence -Médecine générale -Médecine humanitaire -Médecine tropicale -Odontologie -Orthodontie -Santé publique -Soins Infirmiers -Soins palliatifs -

Fortino Blvd
81008 Pueblo

Congrès, formations ou conférences médicales REF #28-8122
TAHITI CRUISE: BORA BORA & THE SOCIETY ISLANDS - Treatment Considerations in Isolated Communities
Publié sur le : 2018-06-08 11:17:27
Congrès, formations ou conférences médicales en MEDECINE GENERALE
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TAHITI CRUISE: BORA BORA & THE SOCIETY ISLANDS - Treatment Considerations in Isolated Communities
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