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ICELAND CIRCUMNAVIGATION CRUISE Medical/Dental Healthcare Needs in Iceland

Iceland Circumnavigation Cruise

Join us on a 7-night voyage of discovery in Iceland and the Arctic Circle on the luxury, all-inclusive yacht Ponant Le Boréal for a truly exotic cruise on the trail of the Vikings. Ponant offers authentic travel experiences aboard smaller-sized yachts in five-star comfort. Le Boréal is an intimate, 132-cabin ship that allows visits to unique ports and tucked-away wilderness areas.

Our itinerary includes volcanoes and glaciers, lava fields and green pastures, boiling thermal springs and ice-cold rivers teeming with salmon. This unspoiled paradise is also home to a very old and sophisticated culture. Go far beyond the tourist hotspots to remote fjords, raging waterfalls, and small fishing villages. Get to know the independent and creative Icelanders, and watch whales and seabirds play offshore.

  • Seven-night luxury circumnavigation cruise of Iceland aboard the intimate Ponant Le Boréal
  • Explore Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital, with its eclectic architecture, vibrant museum and art scene and the Blue Lagoon geothermal pool
  • Cross the Arctic Circle on Grímsey Island and cruise along the coast of Surtsey, Earth’s youngest island and a UNESCO World Heritage site
  • Opportunities to explore Iceland’s most spectacular waterfalls, stunning landscapes, charming fishing towns and stations, amazing lava towers, craters, lakes, and lagoons
  • Discover an abundance of wildlife in their natural habitat, including the adorable puffins, northern fulmars, gulls, arctic terns and black guillemots, plus harbor porpoises and humpback whales
  • All meals – gourmet cuisine with a French touch – in a choice of two restaurants and 24-hour room service
  • Complimentary wines, house champagne and spirits, as well as specialty coffee drinks, soft drinks, juices, bottled water and afternoon tea service
  • Pre-paid gratuities for housekeeping, bar, and dining staff
  • Theater for naturalist lectures and evening entertainment
  • Ample onboard leisure areas including the main lounge, an intimate piano bar, swimming pool with deck seating and bar, and a library
  • Onboard fitness center, plus a hair salon and full service spa

Seminar Overview/Statement of Purpose:

PES is fortunate to have dental and medical practitioners representing a variety of specialties participating in the CME/CE sessions. PES understands the importance of offering inter-professional healthcare education, allowing colleagues to gain cross-specialty perspectives and updates in the treatment and prevention of disease. The need to adapt best practice models in the context of emerging healthcare reforms impacting patient care delivery and access to care is an important issue for all healthcare practitioners.

Icelanders have long been proud of their health care system and believed it to be among the best in the world. For a long time, Icelanders enjoyed (along with Japan) the highest life expectancy in the world.  Iceland is a developed country and as such its major health issues are similar to countries in other parts of the Western World. Mental health problems and obesity seem to be the topics most frequently covered by the media. Another common issue is the status of the health care system itself which seems to be in a decline.  All Icelandic citizens are covered by the national health insurance scheme. The system is mostly financed by taxes although a small fraction is paid with service fees (15%). The Icelandic healthcare system is divided into four different categories: health care clinics, health institutions such as mental health faculties and institutions with long term in-patients, university hospitals and teaching hospitals. Major hospitals include the Landspitali University Hospital in Reykjavik and the Akureyri Hospital.

Confronting the challenges of delivering quality patient care in the face of increased budget restriction and resources within the overall framework of continued healthcare reform is fast becoming a global issue for healthcare practitioners.  It is timely to provide an overview of the current status of healthcare delivery systems, their impact on populations and how key health issues are addressed in both the UK and North America.

Planned In Country Healthcare Topics Include:

  • Healthcare Delivery Strategies for Isolated Communities
  • Overview of Iceland’s Healthcare Delivery System
  • Travel Medicine Updates & Medicine at Sea
  • Updates and Icelandic Perspectives on Dentistry
  • Cold Weather and Health: The Effect of Cold Temperatures on Humans
  • Effect of Climate Change & Environmental Pollution on Human Health in the Arctic
  • Strategies for Community Health Outreach: Risk Management & Prevention
Accréditations : 12 CME/CE Credit Hours
Public concerné: Professionnel
Audience: Internationnale
Visiteurs/Participants: 50
Conférenciers: 3
Exposants: n.r
Type d'événement: Conférence / Séminaire
Secteur principal: MEDECINE GENERALE
Secteurs concernés: Cardiologie -Dentisterie -Dermatologie -Geriatrie -Gynécologie - Obstétrique -Immunologie -Infectiologie -Médecine d'urgence -Médecine générale -Médecine interne -Neurologie -Nutrition -Soins Infirmiers -

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ICELAND CIRCUMNAVIGATION CRUISE Medical/Dental Healthcare Needs in Iceland
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ICELAND CIRCUMNAVIGATION CRUISE Medical/Dental Healthcare Needs in Iceland
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