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Du Vendredi 13 Octobre 2017 au Samedi 14 Octobre 2017


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Building on two successful years in Paris (2015) and London (2016) we are happy to announce that registration is now open for the Molecular Analysis for Personalised therapy (MAP) conference.

On October 13-14 2017 we will be in Zurich, Switzerland, to discuss the clinical interpretation of molecular tests for metastic cancers, alongside medical oncologists, researchers, onco-geneticians, clinical investigators, molecular biologistis, cytopathologists, radiotherapists, fellows, academics, regulators and Industry R&D representatives.

Given the rapid increase in targeted therapies now available, we anticipate attendees and speakers at the third MAP conference will propel ideas and broker new discussions on how to interpret genomic data in precision medicine.

Over two days, world-renowned medical and health professionals will present findings on various topics related to personalised cancer therapy. These discussions are important to help diminish the major gap between our understanding of cancer biology and our evolving approach to patient management.

A joint initiative of ESMO, UNICANCER and Cancer Research UK, this conference shines a light on the latest medical developments in a constantly evolving field.

Topics for this year include:
  • Macroevolution and impact on treatment resistance
  • New models and technologies for personalised medicine
  • Personalised medicine applied to immunotherapeutics
  • Therapeutic targets in cancer
  • Treatment advances in central nervous system tumours
  • Tumour microenvironment and treatment resistance
  • Understanding the broader tumour microenvironment
  • What's new in the field of clinical trials?

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