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Du Vendredi 20 Octobre 2017 au Dimanche 22 Octobre 2017


C. Císter 34
08022 Barcelona
EUROPEAN MEDICAL FITNESS CONGRESS is a multidisciplinary medical-scientific congress aimed at all Healthcare Professionals involved in EXERCISE MEDICINE, MEDICAL FITNESS and LIFESTYLE MEDICINE. Under the motto "We Need Education More than Medication", EMFCongress wants to encourage all professionals to discuss and share the latest research and knowledge, with the aim of developing a global awareness of the role of physical exercise, healthy nutrition and stress management, as powerful tools to combat the epidemic of chronic noncommunicable diseases derived from sedentarism and lifestyle and to improve global health.

EMFCongress 2017 will take place in Barcelona (Spain), on October 20-21-22.

  1. To discuss on how we can get more people physically active.
  2. To study how to promote healthy lifestyles in order to eradicate the causes of diseases and promote a paradigm shift in current healthcare systems, focused on the management of the symptoms of the disease through the use of drugs.
  3. Provide healthcare professionals with the knowledge to help their patients be more physically active.
  4. Introduce new research in Exercise Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine.
  5. Contribute to the exchange of information and encourage the formation of multidisciplinary teams.
  6. Present information about new technology and digital health and how they can impact health and medicine.

The topics of EMFCongress 2017 include (but are not limited to): Exercise is the Best Medicine. Exercise as prevention and as an adjunct in the treatment of diseases (cancer, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, degenerative diseases, etc.); Active Lifestyle: Healthy Kids and Sports, Active and Healthy Ageing, Active Pregnancy, etc.; Medical Fitness: Specialized physical exercise units in hospitals and clinics (medical fitness units), and the role of multidisciplinary teams; Digital Health and Technology to Support Physical Activity and Prevent Chronic Disease; Public Health and Epidemiology.

Who attends

The congress has an integrative and multidisciplinary approach and is aimed at: Physicians, Exercise Medicine Doctors, Lifestyle Medicine Specialists, Sport Science Professionals, Exercise physiologists, Public Health Specialists, Physiotherapists, Nutritionists, Psychologists, Personal Trainers, Nurses, Occupational therapists, etc.  We also welcome and encourage students to attend the congress.

Congress Program includes 12 exceptional conferences, 3 roundtables in 3x20 format (3 speakers, 20 minutes each on the same topic), 4 workshops and presentation of scientific communications and video abstracts. In this edition there are two categories of awards for the abstracts competition: Award for the best oral communication and Award for the best video abstract. The main authors of each will participate as speakers in EUROPEAN MEDICAL FITNESS CONGRESS 2018 edition, where they will present their complete scientific work in an hour conference. The top eigth selected from each category by the Scientific Committee will be published in the MEDICAL FITNESS RESEARCH JOURNAL.  

In addition to the Scientific Program, and in order to encourage the practice of physical exercise and healthy living habits in the population, several open and free activities will be held for the general public. 

English is the official language of the Congress. There will be simultaneous translation into Spanish and English at the plenary sessions and roundtables.

We will be happy to see you in Barcelona!
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