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Congrès Santé publique : Forum FAMxParis sur l'Innovation inversée en santé
L’innovation inversée : Une opportunité pour la santé dans le monde Après six Forums en bilatéral, la Fondation de l’Académie de Médecin...
Conférence / Séminaire Gynécologie - Obstétrique : Conférence Endométriose
CONFÉRENCE ENDOMÉTRIOSE RÉSERVÉE AUX PROFESSIONNELS DE SANTE Événement organisé en partenariat avec la ville du Mans Avec la collaboration de Pr...
Conférence / Séminaire Informatique médical : What Sponsors Expect and How to Meet their Expectations
Overview: It is essential for industry to employ efficient and accurate strategies for monitoring outsourced projects to minimize the chances of receiving warning letters from competent authori...
Secteurs concernés: Informatique médical -
Conférences en ligne Santé publique : Which data and systems are subject to 21 CFR Part 11
Overview: This webinar demystifies Part 11, and get you on the right track for using electronic records and signatures to greatly increase productivity. Areas Covered in the Session: Ensure...
Secteurs concernés: Informatique médical -
Colloque Informatique médical : Medical Device Software: An Incremental Approach to Risk and Quality Management
Course "Medical Device Software: An Incremental Approach to Risk and Quality Management" has been pre-approved by RAPS as eligible for up to 12 credits towards a participant's RAC recert...
Secteurs concernés: Informatique médical -
Conférences en ligne Informatique médical : 21 CFR Part 11 Guidance for Electronic Records - 2018
Overview: This includes development of a company philosophy and approach, and incorporating it into the overall computer system validation program and plans for individual systems that have thi...
Secteurs concernés: Acupuncture -Informatique médical -
Conférences en ligne Santé publique : How can companies allocate scarce resources
Overview: This webinar will help you understand the critical ingredients for conducting an effective root cause analysis, also you will learn how to Analyze and document the root cause of the p...
Secteurs concernés: Informatique médical -Santé publique -
Congrès Médecine esthétique : LIVE PLASTIC SURGERY STATE OF THE ART
We are delighted to present a NEW! and independent Advanced Plastic Surgery program bringing together the best and the brightest experts in the field. This program offers an exclusive and exceptional...
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Conférences en ligne Informatique médical : High Cost of Bad Management
Overview: The first cost to the organization is turnover in staff. It is often said that people join companies and leave managers. Bad managers will drive the best employees away, while only those em...
Conférences en ligne Informatique médical : Failure Modes - How to use these Kinds of Methods Together
Overview: This leads to an evaluation of the failure's effect on the product or process and measures to manage it. Often a criticality analysis augments the FMEA, creating an FMECA, to determine ...
Conférences en ligne Informatique médical : ISO 62366 - How to Conduct a Human Factors
Overview: This webinar will explain the procedure described in ISO62366 and the 2016 FDA Guidance for a compliant human factors/usability validation. Why should you Attend: We will explain how to...
Conférences en ligne Informatique médical : Understanding and Meeting your Regulatory & Processing Responsibilities
Overview: Why DMFs are important to you and your company , and How DMFs fit into FDA's regulatory processes for review of drug and biologic applications. Areas Covered in the Session: Why DMF...
Conférence / Séminaire Informatique médical : Best Practices for Foundational Employee Success 2018
Overview: Learn to interact with Human Resources to create a coordinated onboarding strategy, A successful onboarding strategy will combine the inputs of all these stakeholders and help create a cons...
Conférences en ligne Informatique médical : ISO 13485 & ISO 9001 - How to Choose Which One to Implement
Overview: This webinar will review the benefits of implementing a QMS, discuss the applicability of each standard to different types of organizations, and go on to explain the similarities, key diffe...
Conférences en ligne Médecine interne : Medical Device Single Audit Program Preparation
Overview: The International Medical Device Regulators Forum (IMDRF) recognizes that a global approach to auditing and monitoring the manufacturing of medical devices could improve their safety and ov...
Conférences en ligne Informatique médical : Quality Audit According to Gxp-GMP Requirements 2018
Overview: GMP regulations describe required quality management system for production and testing of products in these regulated industries. The purpose of the GMP regulations is to ensure that a prod...


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