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Conférences en ligne Biotechnologie : 483 Covers a Broad Gradation of Problems
Overview: How you respond to the 483 should provide the foundation for any future communication with the FDA about a particular inspection. Understanding how FDA organizes its evaluation of the 483 c...
Secteurs concernés: Biotechnologie -
Conférences en ligne Biotechnologie : NIST Cybersecurity Framework For Computer Systems Validation
Overview:  Computer systems used in highly regulated companies include sensitive and valuable information. Some of this information includes valuable electronic submissions, clinical information...
Secteurs concernés: Biotechnologie -
Conférences en ligne Biotechnologie : Guidance on Software and Device Changes and the 510(k)
Overview:  The first guidance document clarifies key terms and provides insight as to how a risk assessment can help medical device manufacturers to evaluate whether a new 510(k) is required. ...
Secteurs concernés: Biotechnologie -
Conférence / Séminaire Informatique médical : New Cosmetic Product Regulation in World Economies 2017
Overview: The EU's new Cosmetic Product Regulation (EU CPR) will be given a certain, wider position as the EU CPR is representing the latest, most modern regulatory framework which is influenci...
Secteurs concernés: Informatique médical -
Conférence / Séminaire Informatique médical : Principles of Food Extrusion Processing
Overview:  This webinar will cover fundamental extrusion processing hardware as well as how that hardware is operated in order to produce the desired product. Both single and twin screw extruder...
Secteurs concernés: Informatique médical -
Conférence / Séminaire Informatique médical : Virtual Seminar on Analytical Method Validation Process
Overview:  Use of analytical methods is widespread. However, there are no formally accepted guideline or formats for the overall process of design, development, optimization & validation of ...
Secteurs concernés: Informatique médical -
Congrès Médecine d'urgence : IIème semaine internationale de sécurité des patients, Ière session de formation d’éducateurs  thérapeutiques (Diabètes, HTA, IRC, …),  Référents d’hygiène, Coordinateurs qualité Du 05 novembre au 11
Appel à communication (expériences et retours d’expériences) Orale, affichée, film scientifique et projets de recherche Délais de soumission des abstracts : ...
Conférence / Séminaire Biomedical : Latest Regulations for Tobacco Industry Effective 8-2016
Overview: The Tobacco Control Act went into effect by FDA on June 22, 2009. Through this ruling, the FDA regulated cigarettes, cigarette tobacco, roll-your-own tobacco and smokeless tobacco. Why s...
Secteurs concernés: Biomedical -Biotechnologie -
Conférence / Séminaire Biomedical : It is not enough to Simply be a Project Manager
Overview:  We manage tasks and activities, and those activities must be performed by people, who must be led. It is not enough to simply be a Project Manager. Why should you Attend: On avera...
Secteurs concernés: Biomedical -Biotechnologie -
Conférence / Séminaire Biomedical : How to Recover Time Lost Due to Performance Issues
Overview:  It is just a fact of life that someone on your team, whether you selected them or whether they were assigned to you will be a non-performer. Why should you Attend: Are you spendin...
Secteurs concernés: Biomedical -
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