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Conférences en ligne Biotechnologie : Controlling Human Error in the Manufacturing Floor (New 2018)
Overview: This course offers practical approaches and models to address human performance issues in GMP related environments by using a specific methodology to correct, prevent and avoid re-occurrenc...
Secteurs concernés: Biotechnologie -
Cycle de Formation Vétérinaire : Sports Horse Medicine & Orthopaedics – A 2-Day Practical Course
Equine Practitioners are regularly confronted with poor performance-related questions, such as:  My horse has started to make a noise during exercise and struggles to keep up with the other horse...
Secteurs concernés: Vétérinaire -
Conférences en ligne Acupuncture : Medical Device Hazard Analysis (ISO 14971)
Overview: This is the most powerful of the risk management techniques because it considers risks in normal operation as well as fault conditions. FMEA and FTA consider only fault conditions and are m...
Secteurs concernés: Acupuncture -Biomedical -
Conférences en ligne Biomedical : Project Management for Non-Project Managers 2018
Overview: The subject of this webinar is building the project team, The key to achieving success with your project is the people you assign to it, how well you develop the team, and sustaining team m...
Secteurs concernés: Biomedical -Informatique médical -
Colloque Acupuncture : Strategies for Improving Effectiveness and Efficiency of your Quality Management System
Description: This two-day seminar will cover the essentials of an effective yet efficient Quality management system for medical device companies. An efficient and effective Quality System can be a co...
Secteurs concernés: Acupuncture -Santé publique -
Congrès Acupuncture : Learning Management Systems (LMSs) and Their Relation to Curricula | Course 2018
Overview: This course will describe the development of job position curricula in the pharmaceutical industry using a Learning Management System (LMS) and provide you with the tools needed to create e...
Secteurs concernés: Acupuncture -Santé publique -
Congrès Acupuncture : SOP Writing, Training and Compliance in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Overview: Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are the basis for a large part of the day-to-day training that most pharmaceutical employees are required to perform, and are a vital component of ensur...
Secteurs concernés: Acupuncture -Biomedical -
Congrès _Autres : 4th Annual Single Cell Analysis USA Congress
Join Oxford Global for the 4th Annual Single Cell Analysis USA Congress on 23rd – 24th October 2018 in Boston, USA. Discuss the future of this rapidly evolving field with key innovators from Pha...
Secteurs concernés: _Autres -
Conférences en ligne Acupuncture : Managing and Controlling the Project - Project Management
Overview: Successful projects require continued care and management to ensure that the project follows the plans correctly and, as a result, leads to the desired results. When unexpected situations o...
Secteurs concernés: Acupuncture -Biomedical -
Congrès Chirurgie plastique : 1er congrès Maghrébin de la MAOMS
1er congrès Maghrébin de la MAOMS : Maghrebin association of oral and maxillo facial surgeons et le 10ème congrès national de la STCMF. Date : 02/11/2018 - 03/11/2018 Lie...
Secteurs concernés: Chirurgie plastique -ORL -
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